Why You Should Date a Social Media Geek

by Matt Sullivan on October 11, 2010

Women Should Date Social Media GeeksI’ve recently gotten back into the dating game and hit a few potholes when telling dates that I work in “Internet marketing”. The response is usually a blank stare. At that point I start explaining SEO, social media, and Inbound Marketing. I can’t help it; I’m a geek at heart. So, here is why you should love social media geeks (SMG):

We know about trends. Between trending topics on Twitter and hashtags, a social media geek is always aware of what’s happening in the world. Interested in politics? Your geek will be able to have a great conversation with you about who-said-what, or the latest happenings in that close Senate race. Or, maybe you work in an office that denies you access to social media (*gasp*). Your geek will keep you up-to-date on the best videos, pictures, and sites on the web. That way you can really appreciate it when Grover from Sesame Street does a parody of the Old Spice Guy.

We’ll be able to spoil you. Because of awesome social shopping services like Groupon, Living Social, and Townpool, a social media geek always know about great deals in your city (or any city that we decide to whisk you away to… for one of our conferences). Plus, you can start planting some seeds in your geek’s mind, all Inception-style. A few mentions of how you really need a spa day, and that’s all we’ll think about when we see a Groupon for a massage.

You’ll never eat a bad meal again. I don’t know a social media geek that doesn’t check Yelp when they learn that their friends are going to a new restaurant. Within minutes, a good SMG will know whether the place is worth the effort, what the best meals are, or if you need reservations. With more food based apps coming out, like dishKarma, your geek will always be wooing you with the best food at the hottest places. Everyone will think you two are local celebs with the way you keep showing-up at the places to be seen.

They can’t cheat on you. With a social media geek’s addiction to Twitter, Facebook, and location based services like Gowalla and Foursquare, you will always know what your geek is doing. (Note: Even though you CAN stalk your geek with these tools, shouldn’t there be some level of trust in a healthy relationship? Just sayin’.)Social Media Wrecks a Relationship

You’ll always be sexy. Geeks won’t care about bad hairdays or that you’re just wearing a hoodie & jeans. If we can convince ourselves that something like DNS is sexy, you have nothing to worry about.

There it is in black & white: social media geeks make awesome partners. I would love to hear some other great points as to why you think people should date social media geeks.

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