Why Silvertech Should Hire Me

by Matt Sullivan on September 8, 2010

Silvertech Logo

I’ve always known about Silvertech, a Manchester, NH interactive marketing agency, but it was just recently that they showed-up on my job-hunt radar. In retrospect, the two of us together makes complete sense:

  1. We’re both located in Manchester, NH.
  2. There seems to be an uncanny shared love of zombies.
  3. Silvertech is an Inc. 5000 company, and I’m one of Manchester’s rising stars.
  4. We both love blogging & Twitter.
  5. The dress code for Silvertech is casual, and I have a great collection of designer jeans.
  6. Matt Sullivan is so cool, it's a no brainer for him to work at Silvertech.Silvertech seems like a really cool company, and I’m a really cool guy. Just check out the picture.

Now that’s it’s obvious that we have enough in common for a good first date, the next question is “What does Matt bring to the table?”

  1. 15 years of experience in web development & marketing. I was such a big geek in high school, back in the ’90s, that I thought it was super cool to understand regular expressions before all my friends.
  2. I’ve worked in every part of a web development shop: development, support, product management, and sales. No matter what my main job function may be, I understand how all the pieces fit together.
  3. As Gary Vaynerchuk would say, “I crush it”. I always have a GSD attitude (Get Shit Done… sorry for the vulgar language, but it really drives the point home).
  4. I’ve lived & worked in New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. My network is large, and I have no problem using that to help the company.  I even on-boarded my father’s insurance company to my last company’s web marketing platform.
  5. Silvertech is missing out on conversion opportunities. Despite a great Website Grade of 93, Silvertech is doing little to convert web traffic to leads. As a Certified Inbound Marketer, I can help translate that great web traffic into great leads. This increased conversion will help reduce Silvertech’s Cost of Customer Acquisition, and accelerate the sales cycle. (That’s my MBA education coming through.)
  6. I know that Silvertech is a smart company, and they’ll probably find this blog post within 24-hours due to Google Alerts, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Wouldn’t they like someone who knows how to use these channels as an effective source of communication for revenue generation?
  7. The CEO of Silvertech, Nick Soggu, is a brother of Phi Kappa Theta at Merrimack College. I’m a brother from RPI. Since I got my foot in the door with HubSpot because the recruiter was also a Phi Kap, I’m thinking lighting can strike twice. Plus, we can give each other the secret handshake at the interview.

Hopefully I now have your attention, Silvertech. Since you’re intrigued, the next step is to connect with me. I’m very accessible, so choose your poison: email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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