Using YouTube for SEO

by Matt Sullivan on February 8, 2012

It’s time to stop thinking narrowly about SEO. Many business owners and marketers only have one goal in mind with search optimization: getting their site to the top of a search engine result page (SERP). While that outcome is desirable, shooting for that definition of success really misses the point of SEO: to get found by your audience.

Sure, it would be great that every potential customer lands on your home page, but does it really matter if they find you via your website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel? The answer is no. Each channel is way for your business to get found, and each channel provides an opportunity to rank.

One great example is NLP Strength & Conditioning CenterĀ in Manchester, NH. One of NLP’s service offerings is a fitness boot camp program. If you search for “boot camp manchester nh”, you’ll see that NLP has three top rankings in the result set, and then two additional YouTube listings. If you’re doing the math, that means that NLP shows up for 50% of the 1st Page Results. That is total search domination.

SEO is about results domination – not just one result at the top.

This is why YouTube should be a critical part of your company’s SEO strategy. It’s not just about, it’s about making sure your brand can’t be missed when someone searches for a relevant keyword.

YouTube for SEO | I'm Ron Burgundy? I’m Ron Burgundy?

I’ve recently started working with BizEngine to help develop BizEngineTV, a weekly re-cap of small business news. Is this going to go viral? Highly unlikely. Does it help demonstrate thought leaderership? Yes. Does it create valuable inbound links for Yes. Does it make for good entertainment and star an devilishly good looking co-host? Eh, maybe…

The best part of doing this? It’s EASY.

What You’ll Need

A camera – I’ve been using a Sony Bloggie Touch
Editing software (The Bloggie comes with software, but I downloaded Pinnacle Studio HD)
A YouTube account

Take some video, make some edits, upload, and then post. Some important things to remember:

  1. Back-links! Make sure to have a link from your brand’s YouTube account back to your website. In the case of BizEngine TV, we also include links to the stories we discuss in the description.
  2. Use SEO on your video – pay attention to the video title and description when you upload to make sure that you’re getting relevant keywords in there.
  3. Iterate – you can already see the difference between Episode #1 and Episode #2 of BizEngine TV. If you’ve never done video production before, don’t expect perfection. Plus, I’ve convinced myself that this adds some authenticity to the content. We’re not video guys; we’re small business guys using what we have to get the job done.

Another great resource for “how-to” with easy video production, make sure to check out Steve Garfield. He does such a good job on removing the mystique from video creation.

Now, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t include a video of myself.

(Disclosure: I workout at NLP and have done inbound marketing work for them.)

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