Winning Business with Twitter

by Matt Sullivan on April 20, 2012

This will be a quick story, but this is EXACTLY why businesses, even small, local businesses should be on Twitter.

Indian Head AthleticsYou may not know it by looking at me, but I play in a lot of sports leagues with a local NH sports club. Whether it’s new cleats, Under Armour, or knee-high socks, I like to turn to a local sporting goods store, Indian Head Athletics. Partly because it’s owned by the family of a friend (Kyle York), but mostly because of their awesome customer service.

And they’re customer service extends to Twitter.

How to Close More Business With Twitter

Here’s the story:

With flag-football season starting shortly, and Manchester’s fields tending to suck, I wanted to buy my team one of those cleat-cleaning mats. A quick Google gave me a few options, but everything was expensive to ship. Purchasing the mat wasn’t a priority, but I was currently thinking about, so I simply tweeted at Indian Head to ask if they carried them.

They quickly responded that there was one in stock, and they would set it aside for me if I wanted to pick it up this weekend. This one Tweet suddenly increased my buying interest from medium to high. In less than 140 characters, I was told that it was available, I could have it in the next 2 days (faster than even Amazon Prime shipping), and that I wouldn’t have to worry about inventory problems. Sold.

But they didn’t stop there! After I responded that I would be in, I was told it be at the counter, and they open at 9 AM.

Then THEY THANKED ME! I should be the one thanking them for the awesome service.

Small businesses can close sales via Twitter – this is the proof:

Indian Head Athletics - Customer Service

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